• Power from Within

    Fitness is neither a fad, diet, nor a New Year’s resolution.

    It is a lifestyle, a permanent resolution of sweat, nutrition, and self-control.

  • Piedmont Park

    Uniquely located on the edge of Piedmont Park, we create workouts that combine both indoor and outdoor workouts to push your limits.

  • Full-Body Workout

    We’re equipped from anything from weights to spin cycles to ensure a full-body workout.

More Than Just a Gym

We’re not just your neighborhood gym.

We are the first step to helping you find and maintain your inner power and motivation, through strength and cardio conditioning, meal planning, and consultation.


We condition you so your heart pumps harder and your lungs breathe deeper, so you can do the things you move longer and faster without getting tired

Meal Tracking

The say fitness is 70% nutrition and 30% gym. We watch what you eat, and ease you into healthy habits.

Strength Training

We build your core strength so you can do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.


Take Control with Personal Training

Our personal training sessions include cardio, strength, and meal tracking. Each session combines both cardio and strength for a high interval workout.

Costs are listed per person, per session.

Personal Training
Hourly rates:
60 min. 45 min. 30 min.
Single $75 $65 $55
10 Pack $65 $55
15 Pack $45
20 Pack $55 $45
25 Pack $35
u-Buddy Personal Training (2 people)
$75 per 2 people, one hour
2 People
Single $75.00
10 Pack $65.00
20 Pack $55.00
note: all u-buddy classes last one hour

Assessments are always free.

Call us at (901) 826-5678 to schedule a free appointment or visit our gym


Humble Beginnings

For most people, losing weight is not easy. It takes dedication and permanent changes most people are unwilling to make. Diets, boot camps, and other solutions intended to “lose weight quickly” are neither sustainable nor realistic.

In reality, eating a healthy diet and staying active requires a change in lifestyle that is neither drastic, nor hard to maintain. But it does take hard work and commitment.

upower fitness was founded on the idea that if you truly desire change in your life, we can make it happen. Because each individual’s needs are unique, we work with each person to craft a unique plan – a plan that’s right for their goals.

Power to the Community

upower fitness is not just about improving your own life, but also about improving lives of others and the life of the community itself.

We partner with a number of local non-profit organizations around Atlanta, and once a month, the proceeds of a u-blast class will go towards a select charity.

“What better way to live your life than by turning your life’s passion into your life’s profession?”

Babette Lombardo
Founder and Head Trainer
ISSA certified personal trainer, CPR/AED certified

Babette Lombardo, the founder and head trainer of upower Fitness has been able to accomplish this by turning her lifelong love of fitness, athletics and helping others into the movement that is upower fitness.

Babette grew up in a family that always encouraged her to follow her passion and work as hard as she could at everything she did. Her passion for tennis won her an full athletic scholarship at Jacksonville State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Moving to Atlanta in 2008 after graduation, she worked several years in sports marketing. While her love of athletics never waned and her desire to help others in some meaningful way continued to grow stronger, Babette began to realize her true calling. As her charitable work increased with Kate’s Club and her fitness and cycle class instruction took off, Babette searched for ways to combine her desire to help with her passion for healthy living.

After some time and a lot of discussion with family and friends, the concept of upower Fitness was born. Babette is eager to share her wealth of information about living a healthy, balanced life while simultaneously giving back to the community.

Email: Babette@upowerfitness.com
Phone: (901) 826-5678

“I don’t train everyone without finding out that we are a perfect fit”

Mike Banks
American Council of Exercise Group Fitness Since 1995
Les Mills Certified BODYPUMP Instructor Since 2000
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Fitness Since 2006
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Personal Trainer Since 2007
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Since 2011
ZUMBA since 2012

I don’t train everyone with out finding out that we are a perfect fit. Personal Trainers come a dime a dozen but a relationship with two people is priceless and doesn’t come easy.

I ask for a lot in/out of our sessions but I guarantee results. I Love fitness from point A to Z.

Bodybuilding & Physique Training
Sports and Fitness Training
Muscle, Strength and Endurance Training
Weight Loss Management

Email: Mike4fitness@gmail.com
Phone: (404) 922-1312

“Tosha’s coaching style is straight forward, challenging and fun”

Tosha Bailey
NASM Certified
TRX (level 1)
American Red Cross (CPR/First Aid)
New Leaf (Metabolic Specialist)
SCW (Lifestyle and Behavior Coaching)

Tosha Bailey coaches busy professionals on how to transform their health by getting them:

- Leaner while still eating their favorite foods, attending social outings and spending less time at the gym.
- Better by increasing their energy, improving their mobility, building their confidence, while changing their relationship with food and their body.
- Stronger physically and mentally, so not only can they handle their next workout, but also tackle whatever life throws their way.

Tosha has been a full time coach in the fitness industry since 2004. She has earned certifications through NASM (Certified Personal Trainer), TRX (level 1), American Red Cross (CPR/First Aid), New Leaf (Metabolic Specialist), SCW (Lifestyle and Behavior Coaching) and is working towards her Nutrition Coaching Certification through Precision Nutrition.

Tosha wasn’t always on the healthy living train. Despite growing up with active parents who were healthy eaters, her love of sweets, not so healthy foods and not being active was a little stronger. It wasn’t until being in anunhappy marriage did she go out for her first run at 23, when her best friend forced her out of the house. From her workouts she gained physical and mental strength and the confidence to end her marriage. Tosha then decided that she wanted to share with others what weight training with a side order of cardio could do for a person. Since she doesn’t believe in the four-letter word, (d-i-e-t) and bland food just isn’t an option, she taught herself how to cook using quality ingredients to create angelic meals that taste sinful!

Tosha’s coaching style is straight forward, challenging and fun, meeting you where you currently are in your health journey and getting you where you want to be.

If you’re looking to transform your health without giving up everything you enjoy, contact Tosha Bailey at: 404-558-7854 or tosha@toshabaileyfitness.com moms, dads, kids and everyone in between realize that small steps lead changes in lifestyle habits.

Email: tosha@toshabaileyfitness.com
Phone: (404) 558-7854